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Winston-Salem Affordable Dentures | Winston-Salem dental care | NC | Q & A

William R. Price, DDS                                            


Q & A

Please explain the typical process for creating a denture.

Dentures are still made like they were back in the 1870's - Teeth are set in wax ,adjusted to fit the mouth, then enclosed in dental cement.  The wax is boiled out, acrylic is poured in it's place and the mold is broken to get the denture out.  It's like breaking a pecan's shell to get the pecan out.  The problem with this technique is, once you make one denture, that's it.  You've destroyed the mold to retrieve the denture. 

How were you inspired to develop Altadonics, a 21st century technique for making dentures? What makes the Altadonics technique unique?

A decade ago I was treating a senior who repeatedly lost her denture.  2 1/2 years and twenty-some appointments later, we had made her 4 sets of dentures.  Through this process we realized the best denture she ever had was her original one, because it was comfortable to her and she could chew and smile with confidence.  It caused us to stop and look at the WHOLE process.  We go through the rigors of creating a perfect denture, yet, we destroy the molds and have no record of the denture.  We asked ourselves how we could prevent the loss of a comfortable denture before it happens?  We discovered, when we make an impression of the denture with a polyvinyl rubber material that's poured in place, then indexed, we now have a product that we can archive forever, giving us the ability to replace a denture in 2 days.  That's the Altadonics difference!

Does the system work with patients who have a combination of dental work?

Absolutely - many of our patients have mixed dental needs; they may need a denture on the top and crowns and partials on the bottom.  As every case is unique, it's always best to come in for an evaluation of your personal needs.

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