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Our 21st Century Denture Technology

 Altadonics Dentures: Preserving Your Smile For Life!

Altadonics Dentures uses a 21st century technique to capture the exact comfort you love in a precise and predictable way. We store this "blue print" of your unique proprioceptive data in a 3-D mould, allowing for multiple new dentures to be made that maintain the comfort of your original, when you need them. Altadonics Dentures can also tighten up your fit, give you longer and brighter teeth, giving you what you deserve...A Smile For Life! 

Traditional stone methods of creating dentures are archaic, unpredictable, imprecise and costly both emotionally and financially. Who wants a mouthful of gooey molding material or multiple visits to the dentist for fittings that, at best are "okay", never achieving the  comfort you truly want or deserve? Who wants dentures that end up in a drawer because they are not comfortable? It's no wonder the average denture is 17 years old!

Altadonics Dentures also provides you with healthy dentures that are comfortable, beautiful and affordable. The ADA recommends that dentures should be replaced about every 5 years, due to natural wear and bacteria build up.  Bacterial build up on a denture opens the door to disease.  If unaddressed, you could experience bad breath, bleeding gums, swelling and soreness.

Many patients ask," How are Altadonics Dentures different?" We are the only company in the world that uses our patented technique to archive your proprioceptive data in a 3-D mould, maintaining your unique "blue print" with impeccable precision and predictablilty...forever! Altadonics Dentures uses your mould to make your denture; if your denture is lost or broken, we can make you a new one with the same comfort and beauty you love with a phone call! Unlike traditional stone methods that have to be broken to retrieve the denture and have to start from scratch every time, Altadonics Dentures protects your Smile For Life!  

Dr. Bob Price of Winston-Salem - the Pioneer of the multi-patented Altadonics Denture technique, a breakthrough for denture wearer.  To find out more about how Altadonics Dentures will work for you, call Dr. Bob Price at (336) 992-5200 or visit the website at www.altadonics.com

Dr. William R. Price provides Affordable and Custom Dentures, Partial Dentures, Senior Dental Care, Altadonics and much more to the following locations: Winston-Salem, NC , Greensboro, NC, High Point, NC, Kernersville, NC and surrounding areas.