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William R. Price, DDS                                            

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Altadonics Dentures




Dr. William R. Price values your dentition; it is as unique to you as your DNA.  That is why Dr. Price invented and founded Altadonics Denture Services. This 21st century denture technique allows him to capture, pour and store your comfortable information in a 3-D mould form. This mould will never distort or break and is used to recreate your precise comfort, multiple times over, when you need it.

Altadonics Dentures caters to the entire spectrum of denture patients with our 3 types of dentures:

1. Altadonics Transitional (A-Tran) Immediate Denture System: Our brand new denture system of two dentures, a clear surgical denture and a pink final denture, allows us to help patients transition from natural teeth to their first denture.

2. The Very Best Denture: For exsiting denture wearers who need a new denture that provides beauty, comfort and lifetime security. This denture is made with set teeth that can be longer in length and lighter in shade.

3. The Assurance Denture: For exsisting denture wearers who require a new denture, primarily as a back-up copy.

With Altadonics Dentures, you will have comfort, beauty, lifetime security all at an affordable price. Contact Dr. Price today to preserver your Smile For Life!

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